Bluemont United Methodist Church

Good Morning West Loudoun Friends, 

          I bring you greetings on this Sunday morning. Yes, we are unable to be together for worship again today. Hopefully soon. How soon somewhat depends on you. I would like to hear from you to find out how everyone is feeling about rejoining together. I am sure that everyone would want to be together, the question is how safe is it and are we willing to work with the restrictions that will be in place. 
         The first thing is we can't do anything at all until Loudoun County allows people to assemble, second we have to wait for the Okay from the Bishop. At this point the earliest for this to take place would be for Sunday June 7. Once we are able to join within each church we will have restrictions we will have to follow including: No more than 25 (stage 1) and 50 people (stage 2), all wearing masks, no singing, empty pews between people, no children under 12 (stage 1) and under 7 (stage 2). This is a lot to think about. We will continue to worship VIrtually in the meantime. 
        Since tomorrow is Memorial Day, I will not be having Office Hours. On June 1, next Monday, I will start back up the Monday evening Bible Study. We will hold this at Roszell Chapel to allow for more Social Distancing at 7:00 pm. 
      Below you will find the link for today's service. You will note that it was recorded from the Bluemont sanctuary with a little musical help from John and Rick. The first scripture reading is John 17: 1 - 11 and the Sermon text is Acts 1: 6 - 14. I hope this is a meaningful time of worship. 






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